You have the Chance to get assured on the Event from 1st and 2nd february 2007 in Luxembourg.

Further Information on the Website or un the Agenda.

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CAcert is a community-driven certificate authority (CA) that issues free public key certificates to the public. (Most CAs are commercial and sell certificates at a price of hundreds of dollars per year.) More than 39,000 users have had their identity verified and CAcert has issued over 150,000 certificates as of September 2006.

These certificates can be used to sign and encrypt email, authenticate and authorize users connecting to websites and secure data transmission over the Internet. Any application that supports the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) can make use of certificates signed by CAcert, as can any application that uses X.509 certificates, e.g. for encryption or code signing and document signatures. To become a trusted CAcert user, you need to register at and you need to come to a CAcert meeting (e.g. at the LinuxDays).

Prior to the event, you should download the A4 WoT (Web of Trust) form, which is available on the CAcert website. Anyway, you can get the form at the LinuxDays as well.

To be assured, you need to bring TWO pieces of ID. BOTH have to be governmental issued like a passport, driving licence, birth certificate, etc. At least ONE of them has to be a photo ID, both if possible.

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