CAcert BoF LISA'09 in Baltimore, MD, USA

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LISA'09 Baltimore, MD
CAcert Birds of a Feather(BoF) Session
Tues, 3 Nov 2009, 9:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m., Laurel A & B 

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Baltimore Marriott Waterfront
700 Aliceanna Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21202 USA
Phone:  1-410-385-3000
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Toll-free:  1-800-228-9290

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The goal of this event is to inform automatenspiele attendees how the CAcert assurance process works. CAcert has developed new policies and procedures over the last few years. The presentation will introduce the CAcert Community Agreement and describe the audit as it relates to getting our CAcert ROOT certificate included with distributions. The primary purpose is to bring together qualified assurers in order to help those interested in attaining the points needed to start assuring others. By adding qualified assurers, we will help make CAcert free digital certificates available to more people.

Assurance WoT Event

Just like PGP public key signing events, CAcert certificate identification is based on multiple (the more the better) persons doing an identification check with official identity documents. These documents are typically government issued photo IDs such as passports, a driver license, and other identity cards. The level of trust depends on the trustworthyness of the identification provided.

The Web of Trust is basically a reciprocal process: each individual has their identify confirmed by multiple people, following a trustworthy and consistent process. This is essential to strengthening the Web of Trust and keeps the security technique open and freely available.

This BoF session was scheduled for Tuesday evening to allow for those who newly qualify as assurers plenty of time during the remainder of the conference for doing their first assurances. At the 2004 LISA conference in Atlanta GA, I assured 35 people and I was assured by 24 people new to the process, helping them earn additional points so they could fully assure others.

CAcert Assurances

Get Ready Now - Arrive Ready

  1. Go to the CAcert web site to register an account (primary email address and your full name as it is on your official identity document.

  2. Download the CAcert Certificate Assurance Program form (pdf format):
    • 2009 CAP pdf form. This form can be completed with a pdf reader.

    • Or use the on-line HTML CAP form which form can be used to fill out the forms fields and print that form on your local printer. Notice that these forms are new (and so in test phase).

  3. Read also the CAcert Community Agreement which you need to agree to.

For every assurance you need a completed form. At least 3 printed forms are recommended to bring with you. You need at least 50 assurance points (2 Assurances) to have your name on the certificate, and 100 points to be eligible to become an Assurer yourself and help to establish the web of trust. One can collect up to 35 points from each assurance. The number of points given depends on the quality of the ID documents presented and qualifications of the assurer.

For CAcert Assurers

Assurers are those who have collected at least 100 Assurance Points and passed the (make sure you did). As multiple names as on the identity papers are allowed but not implemented yet, the Assurer is asked to note the shown name as well the "similar" name on the web interface on the signed form. If the CAcert Community Agreement has been agreed (tick on the form) the Assurer is asked to add +CCA on the location field on the web interface. The Assuree needs to understand the CCA. Read the Certificate Policy Statement of CAcert (CPS) and the Assurance Policy (AP) and handbook.

For CAcert Assurers there will be a limited number of free Assurer pins, used to help identify you as Assurer.

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