Assurer Training Events - Upgrade 2011


At FOSDEM 2011, the Assurance/Co-Audit-Team discussed the topic of the current state of the Assurer Training Events. The Assurance Officer decided to accept a proposal by Nik to do a complete re-design of the Assurer Training Events Presentations for 2011.

This page documents this re-design and is intended to provide detailed information to all community memebers who want to help out in the ATE season.

The idea is to cast all old plans and presentations aside and create something new that helps both CAcert's mission of spreading online security and authenticity and the Audit.


One of CAcert's main problems is lack of documentation, so we decided to make it right this time.





Ulrich, magu, Dirk, Joost, Alexander, Nik

Assurance-MiniTOP Brussels


Ulrich, Nik

Telco about rough ideas


Ulrich, Nik

Finalization of ATE schemes and schedules

Starting point for the community

The starting point for community members planning to organize an Assurer Training Event is ATE Basics