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Microsoft timestamping

From: Rick Marsh Subject: timestamping, how to

Simply digitally signing code with a signing certificate works, but it will expire unless timestamped. I have discovered how to timestamp code produced in Microsoft office, in particular Access 2003.

You must modify the registry as follows:

Create the following keys:

HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\VBA\Security\TimeStampURL (string)

Set the URL to:

Note the spelling.

TimeStampRetryCount is a DWORD registry key value that is the number of retries the Visual Basic Editor will attempt to connect to the timestamping server. Try 3.

TimeStampRetryDelay is a DWORD registry key value that is the number of seconds the Visual Basic Editor will delay before retrying a connection to the timestamping server. Try 5.

After you have modified the registry, go on line, remove the signature and re-sign your code. It will have a timestamp.

Java timestamping is working for timestamping java codesigning see JavaCodeSigningTest for example

Timestamping service URL

Certificates to add to "cacert" java config file
Certum CA :
Certum TSA cert :

Here is a bundle with the appropriate root certs to replace cacerts in jre/lib/security cacerts md5 : 05444dcc99687383ed165bd60f7da10f

An alternative to this method is detailed at JavaTimeStamping which does not require any changes to cacerts in jre/lib/security by the user. A timestamp CA cert is added to cacerts automatically by the applet itself.


see :

timestamp service : <<<<