etckeeper is a tool to keep configuration files in a version control system (git, bazaar or mercurial). The Debian package management tools (apt-get, aptitude) integrate with etckeeper so that configuration is version controlled during updates.


Installation is done using apt-get or aptitude. The default VCS used by etckeeper is git.

aptitude install etckeeper

etckeeper init

(more recent versions of etckeeper are automatically initialized by aptitude/apt-get).

Notes for Debian Etch

etckeeper is available for Etch via the service. To use it you have to add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list

deb etch-backports main

There are some instructions for using backports at


Perform commit of changes to /etc

etckeeper commit [message]

Watch the commit logs

cd /etc
git log

The rest is just git operations as documented in the fine git documentation.

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