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First of all, the current testsystem (as of 2019) is described in Software/Assessment/testserver.


The mission of the test system is to provide a platform for software patches to be tried and tested. Once tried and tested, Software Assessment team reviews them and passes them to (critical) online system.

Our production test server machine has been newly deployed in early 2010 and moved over to the testserver (see below)


To test, use it like the main site. First, *create a new test account* because this system doesn't have access to your account on the main system. Then, log in and test the feature of the day.

Do not use your real password for this test account and especially do not use your standard "Security Questions", because many people have access to this database and can look up the security questions and their answers!

Main Page Access

Secure Area

Certificate-Based Secure Area

Restricted phpMyAdmin

CATS test and development system

WARNING: This server does not have a copy of the CAcert user database, and has a lot of incorrect/spurious data in its database as a result of several kinds of tests.

Discussions on what needs to be tested happen .. where?

Who can create CAcert certificates for this machine? Currently it uses a certificate from my company's internal CA since I could not find the one who has registered BernhardFröhlich 2010-11-13

Administration of Testing systems

Test systems are managed and controlled by SoftwareAssessmentTeam. They provide the systems administrators for administrating it.

There are three sorts of users:

Technical Specifications

Each test System is made of:

Specs on VMs




Test Image (VMWare) how to build your own

Moved to

Test Image hosted at SLS

Operating system was set up by Wytze according to the current live web db machine. Source code comes from an repository, which holds a copy of the source code taken from the tarball. It is intended to continuously import every new tarball into the repository to enable developers to work more conveniently. The whole process of development, testing and release is WIP and will be posted shortly.

Main Page Access (hosted at SLS)

Secure Area (hosted at SLS)

See instructions written for test1 above, the basic testing process is the same. There will be an wiki page which holds additional information on the status of the machine (which patch is to be tested, who is responsible for this test cycle, testers and results). URL of the entry page will be posted soon.


EvaldoGardenali ran test1 in US of A until that machine's retirement in 2008.

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