Emergency Logs

In its ruling for case a20120614.1, CAcert arbitration has requested the presence of a Wiki-page for the documentation of special events like emergency patches. This page provides the requested functionality.

How to view

All changes made to the critical systems are already logged in messages to the cacert-systemlog mailing list. This includes emergency patches. If a patch is an emergency patch, it will be listed in the message (although until 2015 not in the subject header). There is also an easy "look-back" feature: one can search the cacert-systemlog archive, e.g. with the search term emergency:

  1. visit https://lists.cacert.org/wws/arc/cacert-systemlog

  2. enter emergency in the yellow search box

  3. click the Search button

It will produce a list with the 10 most recent hits, and clicking Continue Search will list them all.

If someone knows about a method to include the results of the query described above automatically in this wiki page, please apply!