Support Team Leader's stuff

"wot I need". WIP for more general info on Support Team, go to Support/Team or support. This is stl's hidey-hole.

ToDo List

Specials, one-offs, projects:

Routine, all the time, continuous:

Longer term questions, cleanup, lower priority:

Help Team

STL's role

Triage Team

Requirements for Triage Team:

STL's role:


  1. check:
    1. whether Assurer (wp)
    2. personal recommendation
    3. small print (wp)
  2. point to doco: Support/Triage (wp)

  3. point to IRC: se (wp)
  4. point to fiddle mini-C (wp)
    1. do Support-1, Triage-1 and Triage-2
  5. need s/mime encryption, may get a community address (wp)
  6. Send the Welcome Pack (==wp)


  1. intro to team
  2. bring into OTRS, #se, cacert-support-engineer@
    1. OTRS

      1. Admin / Users / Add User
      2. Assign Role to User
    2. manage subscribers

    3. se IRC needs to be fixed up.
  3. try a few cases
  4. add post-capable to cacert-disputes and cacert-support-engineer
  5. chase email address + s/mime, and wiki page.

Support Engineers

Requirements for SEs:

STL's responsibility:

New SE:

  1. check:
    1. whether Assurer
    2. personal recommendation
    3. small print
  2. point to doco: Support/SE

  3. point to IRC:
  4. point to mini-challenge and full challenge when written
    1. Support-2
  5. add to:
    1. SupportEngineerGroup (need wiki handle, optional?)

    2. Adjust the OTRS Role
    3. Request to appoint as SE to board
    4. add Admin flag, point to Admin Manual

Assets Checklist

When handing over the job, run through this checklist.

Team lists

Maintain a list of team participants at Support/Team. Early job: send an individual ping to everyone listed to confirm participation and aliveness.

Support System

Mailing lists

Need visibility (subscribe) over these:


STL should own and admin the SupportEngineerGroup page, and manage the private pages for SEs. Search Text on that page name to find. Use this sparingly as usage of access controls is generally a bad thing. Ask wiki-admin@ for help.


Support uses the chat room "se" for support people. Generally, Triage and SEs are on there only, plus a few invited guests.

Currently it is not set up as a proper secure channel.


All doco is indexed from helicopter view at support. Major page is Support/Team. Read and review.


Liason is conducted with

Fiddle Ontology



intended for




all support?

intro to support, how to help on the open forum



all support

intro to triage, outside-basics



Triage contenders

messages, buckets, channels



Triage people




SE contenders

preparing to enter Support Engineer work



Support Engineers

detailed work



team leader

complicated stuff



team leader

complicated stuff

Done by Iang under his SO Period

  1. got control of mailbox
    1. investigated the folders
    2. reviewed styles of messages going out, in Support/Triage

  2. reviewed SP as against triage plan, mailed out to policy, etc

  3. Guillaume's template emails for SEs in their page

  4. Training on system operation for SEs dox in Support/SE/Manual from session with PG 20091120 MQ.

  5. reviewed / updated the Guidelines for Support of Arbitration

  6. started on fiddle mini-C questions for Triage and for Support
  7. documented the process of new Triage
  8. bringing in the first people: Neo + Werner.
  9. documented the Triage -> help forum question.

  10. Neo wrote the sieves. Turned my filters off.
  11. Forums:
    • create a #se in IRC.
    • created cacert-support-engineer list
  12. casa + JS => Triage

  13. long debate with Arbitration to get mails flowing back and forth between Arbitration and Support. Still not resolved.
  14. debate with treasurer about how to deal with Payments.
  15. Paypal issued debated, dispute initiated.
    • intervened to stop breaches of SP.
  16. reported to Board 20091206
  17. Brought in new people:
    • casa
    • JS, added
    • Jm3 halfway?
  18. reviewed Security Policy

    • proposed change to add appointed assistants of channels only.
  19. developed the Support/Team documentation and structure

    • figure out the triage thing Support/Triage

    • added the password practices page
    • wrote, proposed, added the community help forum page
  20. initiated review of by team as t/l is too busy and can't tie his own shoelaces
    • favourable comments from Marty1
  21. Support reported to Board.
  22. 3 ABCs done.
    • reviewing Support fiddle mini-C questions
    • reviewed the ABCs.
    • proposed in agenda/motions to board.
  23. Support reported to Board, Board approved 3 new SEs.
    1. notified, added as per checklist below.
  24. Started Triage recruitment again.
    • Triage in progress: jm3, Faramir, Fred?
    • Adding Dominik.
  25. Mailed out for ideas on T/L.
  26. OTRS / issue is moving. Now handling the tasks as primary method.
  27. started the DataRetentionPractice from Werner's mail!

  28. Board / neo is now T/l
    • ABCs