Support Meeting MiniTOP-St. Augustin 21 Aug 2010

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At FrOSCon St.Augustin, 2010-08-21 we held a Support MiniTOP at lunchtime.

Ulrich asked around "when you've looked into the Support queue the last time?"

Joost "2-3 days ago"

Wolfgang is working on his private backlog after a break.

It was mentioned, that Michael also was not very active the last time (Michael is currently on vacation).

Joost: there are currently only 2-3 cases with state "open"

Uli: from my experience on the disputes queue, I still see

(some discussion on this topic)

Solutions ? Wolfgang: private busy, will return next little by little

Uli: Does prioritize helps ? Joost, Wolfgang: prioritize isn't needed Dominik: has queue permissions

Uli: How long is the current queue ? Joost: approx 40

Uli: before Assurance-MiniTOP-20090517,

x1) Joost gets mental blocked by one case.

x2) on rethinking this case in role of Arbitrator,

x3) Recruitment started at booth after the MiniTOP

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