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CCA violation during support process

If an user who is an active party during a support process is not responding if he is asked at least twice, support will see this matter as CCA 2.5.1 violation [1].

  1. Support locks the account of the user.
  2. Support clones the ticket and send the clone to arbitration. (Open original ticket, split, add support@c.o. at from, add SE at to, add CCA-Violation as subject).

  3. Support moves the ticket to the queue "Locked accounts" and the ticket will be closed in the queue "Locked accounts".
  4. Support informs the user via mail that his account is locked due to CCA 2.5.2 violation.


Mail to arbitration

Hi guys,

I locked the <user name> <primary email address> due to a CCA violation
2.5.2 [1] in that he was not responding to questions of support regarding
the users account.

<list of history>

Additional findings
<list of other email addresses in account>




Mail to user

Hello <user>,

We have been trying to contact you in the support case <ticket no, reason>
on <history list>

I have locked your CAcert account due to the fact that you have not kept
your email account in good working order according to CAcert Community
Agreement (CCA) 2.5.2 [1].

I have moved the support case to arbitration as CCA violation 2.5.2 
(email account).

Arbitration will get in contact with you.

If you want to get your account unlocked you need to get in contact with
arbitration or support.




questions and thoughts

What should be done if the user reacts to the locking of his account?

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