Working with Git

This is a collection of bits of information and practical tricks which are useful during development work in the development workflow.

About branches

Excerpt from Michael's mail on the development list:

How to do ...

These are short checklists on how to do specific things. Most times they are not the only way to do it, so if you think you have a better way try and share it!

Create a new branch for a bug/feature

You already have a local clone of the cacert-devel repository from git-dev and want to start a new branch.

Usually this is done by Software Asessors with commit access to the repository at git-dev, but it may also be useful when starting development on your local repository.

First of all get a working base. Not necessary if you don't make mistakes, but helpful otherwise...:

Create the branch based on the server's release branch:

Now make your changes. If you're ready to commit do

Continue to improve your work and make further commits. Once you are ready to share your work and you have commit access to the repository do

ToDo: What's the best way (making work for Sofware Asessors easy) to send proposed code changes without having commit access?

Maybe like the handoff to Critical Admins below?

Install a bug on the testserver

On your local development machine do

Specifics for the CAcert testserver, may vary on your own testsystem:

Bundle and handoff to Critical Admins for Installation

This can only be done by Software Asessors.

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