This is a basic description of the split of the different part of the architecture

see archi_commCA.odg or archi_commCA.pdf

Front end


A browser can be used to manage user or organisation datas & certificates. It connects to the CommunityCA website.

Graphic User interface

In order to do improve productivity for an organisation, a GUI is implemented as a client to the business WebService.

Web Interface

Web Site

This is the CommunityCA website. TBD


It Interacts with the GUI client as a reverse proxy for the business web services.

WebService Interface

Services provided

They defined the business interfaces of the applications. they deal with :

They're connected to the Data storage interface and the certificate management interface.

Data storage

It's a webservice communicating with the database. It can only be accessed from the WebServices defined in the paragraph above. It describes SQL statements.

Certificate management interface

The CMI is a webservice defining a set of interface designed to deal with certificate, whatever technology is used as back-end.

Back end certificate component

The BCC is a set of cartridge. Each cartridge is intended to be written for each of the external components.

Exemple of cartridge :

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