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Summary of developer meeting at 2018-11-23

Discussions and Outcomes

The meeting started with discussion of progress on preparing code and the environment for testing new bug fixes on the test server. Because the code currently installed on the test server is so different from the Production Release code, the decision was made to start from Release and prepare a source code branch called Integration to use as the base for testing. Ted will drive this, with assistance, as necessary and useful, from others.

Discussion then moved to the long-awaited update of the Root Certificates, both the Class 1 and Class 3. Everything is ready to complete the process, except the Windows Installer. Because of this, the Windows Installer will be removed from the Web Page ( Node 3 ), and the Root Certificates will be updated as soon as practical. During discussion, it was determined that as well as Node 3, CAP forms need to be updated to include the fingerprints of the new Certificates, and the new certificates need to be installed in the Certificate Signing machine. GuKKDevel ( Karl-Heinz ) is leading this update process.

One other issue revealed was that the Class 3 Certificate will expire in just over two years. Various solutions were proposed, but a decision on this will be postponed until after the current update is completed.

Tasks for this fortnight

Finish updating Root certificates and publishing them on web page ( Node 3 ) and other places, such as the signer. Publish a note in the News Blog regarding this.

Finish preparing the environment and a testable version of the software for the test server.


Open Questions

Implementation of CAA

not even started

Get arbitration to help support

Dirk(egal) and Ted are trying to wake up Arbitration, but that's not an easy job...

Answered Questions

Logfile of the meeting

See: Software/Meeting/20181123log

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held on 7 December, 2018.

Done Work

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