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Summary of developer meeting at 2018-11-09

Discussions and Outcomes

Done Work

Future plans

Top Priorities

Other activities

Generic discussions

Some issues on testserver configuration have been discussed. The results should show up in Software/Assessment/testserver/setup, hopefully soon!


Open Questions

Implementation of CAA

not even started

Get arbitration to help support

Dirk(egal) and Ted are trying to wake up Arbitration, but that's not an easy job...

Answered Questions

when will theCAcert root certificate signed using the SHA256 algorithm be published?

Check bug-1305 for progress. I (Ted) consider it realistic to get them installed this year, with some luck even this month.

Must we change to a new database-system MySQL -> MariaDB

testserver3 is already running a database, and when I connect it it repors as "Server version: 10.1.26-MariaDB-0+deb9u1 Debian 9.1". So I guess this is not a problem.

Are the git-repositories up to date

jandd and Ted applied the latest tarballs of the system to gi-cacert and github

Logfile of the meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting was proposed to be held on November 23, 20:00 UTC, on IRC channel #cacert-devel

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