next meeting - Overview

Summary of developer meeting at 2018-10-26

Discussions and Outcomes

In advance of the meeting we spoke about the conflicts while merging or rebasing the branch bug-1260 into testserver-stable and release.

We decided to reopen the recently opened bug-1442 and declare it a child of bug-1260

During the meeting we agreed that the migration to a new PHP version should have priority.

Peter Moulding gave a list of what has to be fixed for using PHP 7.2:

  1. Change from mysql to mysqli
  2. Replace each() with foreach()
  3. Replace <?= with <?php echo

  4. Replace <? with <?php

  5. Convert to new error class
  6. Use autoloader class

A second outcome was to document the status quo:

Jan announced to install a tool for this documentation. and

We agreed to do a bottom-up documentation at first to see what we do have, touching each existing file of the project; whilst doing this we could try to create some tests for the documented module/file.

After we are finished with bottom-up - or may be parallel - we could do a top-down development with looking at the web site and identify modules for which we should write a specification, define testing-rules and then decide to replace or not to replace the code.

For the automated testing PHPUnit was proposed.


Open Questions

Must we change to a new database-system MySQL -> MariaDB

Are the git-repositories up to date

Implementation of CAA

not even started

Get arbitration to help support

egal and Ted will phone about

when will theCAcert root certificate signed using the SHA256 algorithm be published?

egal and Ted will telephone about it

Answered Questions

What do we have to do to pass the audits, required for browser inclusion?

As the current PHP-code is audit-fail, we have to wait until the source is documented and possibly redesigned

Logfile of the meeting

Logfile of the meeting

Next Meeting

The next meeting was proposed to be held on Fri 2018-11-09-T20:00 UTC

Done Work

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