The SGM meeting organisation

Members are invited to attend this SGM of CAcert Inc. on :

the 25th July 2009

9 pm UTC

on IRCS:// note new channel

Message from the secretary:

Please configure and test your IRC software today. See If you have problems ask here or at

As we have 63 members of which 56 can vote today, it will take some time to grant/register each of you a voice at the SGM channel.  A "voice" is your ability to write to the channel during the proceedings.  Please login 1-2 hours before hand to be granted the privilege.  Five minutes before the meeting, the channel will be called to quite by the Chair.  All channel activity will be asked to stop that includes "registering to voice", and at 21:00 UTC the meeting will be started by the Chair.

Warning: Do not show up ten minutes before the meeting out of breath expecting to be granted a voice.  It will be done on a first come first server basis ending at 20:55 UTC.








Declare a Quorum

Open the meeting, welcome.



Decide on chairing person

Confirm or change the Chair.



Nominate the vote counter

Appoint assistants to the SGM to count the votes and other tasks



Accept resignations

Resignations of committee members are accepted, and thanks given.



Move on to the business

The duly filed business is announced, summarised and begun.



Resolution 1

"membership applications"



Resolution 2

"rule change"



Resolution 3a




Resolution 3b

"no confidence"



Resolution 4

"elect casual vacancies"




Thanks to Chair


Are you sure you know when 21:00 UTC is in your local timezone? Try for 20090725, 21:00 UTC.



Amsterdam to Vienna

central Europe



Sao Paulo




New York

USA East Coast



Los Angeles

USA West Coast



Sunday in Sydney

Australia East Coast

These times are different! Which is yours?

Tech issues

SGM Meeting Procedures

The Call has been accepted. The meeting date is announced by Evaldo Gardenali, CAcert Inc. board member, 20090703. Only five individuals are required to be present at this Special General Meeting according to RP28(2).

For efficiency, we would like to outline the procedures now. With proper preparations and in time initial voting via signed emails we should be able to facilitate the meeting a lot, as well secure a proper vote on resolutions and elections for the board.

Business and Discussion

Business is posted at SGM/SGM20090725. The time has passed to submit further business, only resolutions relating to the accepted ones, and procedural motions will be accepted from now on.

Discussion of all business should be done on the members discussion email list before the start of the SGM. If you are not signed up or are unable to access, contact the secretary or support immediately.

Nominations for the (new) board

You are encouraged to nominate board members, but quickly (this weekend!):


Best way is to be at the meeting. Then you can use voteBot:


To vote at the meeting, you will need to play with voteBot. Join the IRC channel #vote. Do this well before and then you can practice. Don't practice during the meeting.

your REAL voting

When the Chair opens a motion, you will see voteBot: Chain opened voting on: SGMs are fun for all the family. voteBot is open for counting. You can type (uppercase or lowercase):

Check what voteBot says to you as you might mistype. When the Chair closes the motion, then voteBot will count and report. Only your last vote is counted.

When the Chair opens an election for a single seat with Votebot: Chair opened election for: Seat number one you can then type:

Only. That is, type in the First and Last name, no middle names, no extra funny bits (voteBot strips spaces and ignores case.) These names should be taken from the list of nominated members at SGM/SGM20090725.


If you have another member's Proxy, then you also have to vote again for that person like this:

Note (bug!?) the nameOfProxyPerson is one word, no spaces, and the colon must follow it.

Try it out

To talk to voteBot, send it a private message:

These will be disabled in the actual meeting.

Voting Rights

You must be paid up according to the rules.

Vote by PROXY

If you cannot be present at the SGM, you can complete the proxy form as shown in the Appendix 2 of the Rules, and hand it to another member who will be at the meeting.

The easiest way is to email your signed proxy to the secretary like this one:

Dear Secretary,

I, MEMBER'S NAME of ADDRESS, being a member of CAcert Inc. hereby appoint PROXY'S NAME <PROXY's@EMAIL.ADDRESS> being a member of that incorporated association, as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the special general meeting to be held on the 25th day of july 2009 and at any adjournment of that meeting.

My proxy is authorised to vote in any resolution as he considers better for the association and the community.


Modify the above to add your name in (twice), your address, and email & name of your chosen proxy. In the second paragraph, state your preferences.

You may wish to CC the member's list, but this is not required. It will help in the case of lost emails.

Email Voting

Email voting is discouraged because the rules are not clear and subject to challenge. Try and put in a proxy with another member. If you insist on using email voting, read the rules and take your chances!

Some abbreviations used and references made

Rules are The Association's "Rules for associations incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984" document as cited as "CAcert Rules" in the "Rules" paragraph (para) of the Association's page at CAcertIncorporated.

the Call being the call for SGM by Nick Bebout, 20090625, seconded by Mario Lipinski, 20090625, stating in part:

I, Nicholas E. Bebout, being an association member of CAcert Incorporated, do hereby move that the board call a special general meeting of this association, pursuant to rule 26.2, for the purposes as

the Announcement is the announcement of the SGM by Evaldo Gardenali, CAcert Inc. board member, 20090703, stating in part

In accordance with the request for a Special General Meeting made by Nicholas Bebout and seconded by Mario Lipinski, I, Evaldo Gardenali, Acting President of CAcert Incorporated, hereby call the Special General Meeting to be held on July 25 2009, 21:00 UTC, on CAcert's IRC server, channel #SGM.

References used (all from Rules):

RP3(4) is Rules para 3(4) which states

"the secretary must, on payment by the nominee of the amounts referred to in clause (3) (b) within the period referred to in that provision, enter the nominee’s name in the register of members and, on the name being so entered, the nominee becomes a member of the association."

RP23(6) is Rules para 23(6) which states

"Due to accepting internationally based members, ordinary members, and office bearers, alternate voting methods via the internet, which is sanctioned by the committee will be deemed an acceptable method of voting in addition to any other forms of valid voting methods."

RP26(5) is Rules para 26(5) which states in part that

"A special general meeting ...must be convened as nearly as is practicable in the same manner as general meetings."

RP28(2) is Rules para 28(2) which states

Five members present in person (being members entitled under these rules to vote at a general meeting) constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a general meeting.

RP33(2) which is Rules para 33(2) regarding voting at general meetings of the association, and states in part

"All votes must be given personally or by proxy, or by methods sanctioned by the Committee over the internet."

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