Resolutions for the CAcert Inc. SGM at 25th of May 2007

  1. Accept intermediate financial status report by the treasurer;
  2. Accept pending nominations for new members as received before 20th of May 2007;
  3. Accept resignation of the board of CAcert Inc.;
  4. Elect a minimum of 3 persons to the Committee (board) ad interim up to next AGM with the following mandates:
    • a) financial operations (bank accounts, payment arrangements), bookkeeping and report,
    • b) decision taking for member nominations,
    • c) sub-committee instalments, e.g. Technical sub-committee, Advisory,
    • d) preparation of AGM and all actions needed for this meeting,
    • e) safeguarding decisions for continuity of existing association services,
    • f) co-opting (no voting rights) of members to the board as prospects for board elections on next AGM.
    • g) Necessary arrangements with NSW Office of Fair Trade;
  5. Elect Robert Cruikshank as Public Officer (Robert is NSW residential).

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