SGM Meeting Procedures

The Advising team (Ian Grigg, Jens Paul, Teus Hagen) want to thank all the contributers (e.g. Gary Lee Adams) for their help to compile this leaflet of procedures for the upcoming SGM CAcert Inc. members are invited to attend this SGM of CAcert Inc. on :

In order to allow a short and well done formal meeting the Advisory team has drafted some procedures to follow. Note that with proper preparations and in time initial voting via signed emails we should be able to facilitate the meeting a lot, as well secure a proper vote on resolutions and elections for the board.


Some abbreviations used and references made


The Association's "Rules for associations incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984 document as cited as "CAcert Rules" in the "Rules" paragraph (para) of:


The 23 Apr 07 (22:36:50) "Call for CAcert Inc. Special General Meeting in May 2007" originally signed by Gardenali, Romagny Cruikshank, and Hagen 25 of May 2007 SGM procedures Version #1.2 Rev: Mon 7 May 07 14:52:19

References used (all from Rules):


Rules para 23(6) which states "Due to accepting internationally based members, ordinary members, and office bearers, alternate voting methods via the internet, which is sanctioned by the committee will be deemed an acceptable method of voting in addition to any other forms of valid voting methods.


Rules para 26(5) which states in part that "A special general meeting ...must be convened as nearly as is practicable in the same manner as general meetings."


Five members present in person (being members entitled under these rules to vote at a general meeting) constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of a general meeting.


Rules para 33(2) regarding voting at general meetings of the association states in part "All votes must be given personally or by proxy, or by methods sanctioned by the Committee over the internet."

the procedures for the SGM of CAcert Inc. at 25th of May 2007 9 pm UTC

The CfSGM has been announced. The meeting date is announced by Robert Cruikshank, CAcert Inc. board member in May 2007. Only five individuals are required to be present at this Special General Meeting according to RP28(2).



Nominations for the (new) board:

Vote by PROXY:

Speeding things up, email your vote!:

The SGM meeting organisation


Do you want to know what 21:00 UTC is in your local time?

See E.g:

These times are different! Which is it?

The Result

New Committee limited in size for the period up to AGM in November 2007 with a operational mandate to proceed.


The Advisory team

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