Agenda of the CAcert Inc. SGM of 25th of May 2007

Members of the Association have called an SGM for 25th May 2007.

  1. (Chair) Opening of meeting
  2. (Evaldo) Report on voting members present:
    • voting members present,
    • proxies held by members
    • (we need at least 5 of members present at SGM);
  3. (Chair) Purpose of the meeting and reports (R25(2)(b)):

    • (Evaldo) Membership register (for secretary)
    • (Robert) Report of the situation of the association (Trade Office requirements);
  4. Resolutions

  5. File records:
    • a) mandate bank accounts,
    • b) mandate Public Officer,
    • c) hand over of details for bank accounts, payment arrangements, Membership Register(s),
    • d) preparation for AGM in November 2007,
    • e) mandate Committee up to next AGM;
  6. Thank you for old board;
  7. Any other business;
  8. Close and thank you for all who contributed.

Local Rules

See Procedures for extracts from the Rules of the Association.


Before hand, we need to get the IRC channel set up:


On opening, the chair will:

New Members

Chair will call for a resolution on New Members:

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