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CAcert Association Rule: Conflict of Interest

''Original proposition of the resolution (end of October 2008)''

Discussions early Novermber 2008

      (e) Conflicts of Interest and perceived conflicts of interest (defined in 6 (2)) are to be declared upon nomination. The committee may reject or accept subject to reasonable conditions the nominees application.
      (f) In case of a conflict, the association membership can only be passed on the next GM.

    (2) Conflicts of interest can arise because of a:
      (a) personal interests being contrary to the goals and interests of CAcert, or
      (b) if a persons has strong ties via employment, association or
obligation to an entity with goals or interests contrary to CAcert,
    (3) A member must notify the secretary of any conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest as soon as they reasonably become aware of the conflict. The committee decides the continuation of the
association membership of the member notification or on the failure of the association member to comply reasonably to the conflict of interest disclosure. (TODO - resolutions that the committee can do need to be here e.g. -  The committee, based on the conflict of interest declaration, will have the power to expel or impose reasonable conditions on the members continued association membership.)