History of Risks & Threat Events to CAs and PKI

In Risk Management terms, History refers to the series of attack events that are documented and examinable, for the purpose of validating threat attack models.

This is an ongoing effort to document those events that have been reasonably seen as attacks and threats relevant to the CA and the usage of certificates. The purpose of this page is to help risk assessments validate their threat models against recorded events.

Only attacks with whose existence is established by sufficiently reliable reporting are listed here. Consequences need to be identifiable, but they do not need to be against any specific party. To some extent, where we set the bar is difficult to justify because we lack a clear history of user damages, and those that do the damage are not talking. However, some history is better than none.

The above index indicates first known deployment which is a very uncertain measurand in secret affairs. However, in history, date is always first, so the above timeline is updated as new information comes in.



Help in improving the facts gratefully accepted. Be careful with speculation, we need facts for this exercise. Embarrassing the victims does not help the mission of this page, so names of CAs and vendors are typically dropped.

Commentary & References

  1. Discussed in this mozilla thread and comments incorporated 20120411.

  2. SSL/TLS in a post-PRISM world is another list of breaches, includes "a video parody to explain the problem to non-technical people."

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