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CCA Rollout - Newsletter (ENGLISH)

As the Software-Assement is preparing the rollout for the "CCA Rollout"-Patch every member should be informed by an newsletter. For more information about the patch see bug 1192.

Accepted by board motion ???. see also https://wiki.cacert.org/Brain/CAcertInc/Committee/MeetingAgendasAndMinutes/20131222

Not needed any more covered with the CCA mailing from September 2014

CCA Rollout Blog Entry

Current suggestion

Subject: CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) Rollout finished

A long lasting software project - the CCA rollout - is nearing its end!

With today's software update the last step for the CCA Rollout was deployed.

From now on every member who wants to use his CAcert account needs to have his CCA acceptance recorded.

The software has already been tracking this for some time which means that most active members will have their acceptance recorded by now. This acceptance is recorded when:
- creating a new account
- entering an assurance for the assurer and the assuree
- creating a new certificate (client, server, GPG)

THE NEWS is that, for all users for whom no acceptance is yet recorded, a redirect to the CCA acceptance page is now forced. Once the CCA acceptance is recorded, this page will not be shown again.

Some historical facts:
The initial start of was laid in 2007 with the developing of the policies and the CCA.
The rollout started in 2009 by introducing the CCA.
In summer 2009 the acceptance of the CCA was required for creating a new account but it was not recorded.
In 2012 the acceptance of the CCA was required while entering an assurance but it was not recorded.
Starting from September 2013 the acceptance is recorded both on creating an account and while issuing a new certificate.
Since January 2014 the acceptance is recorded when entering an assurance too.
In September 2014 a new CCA was accepted by Policy Group.

In July the updated - not new - CCA was accepted as DRAFT in Septemer it reached POLICY status.

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