MiniTop Meeting for German OA on 30 Jun 2011

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Place and time

Time 17:00 UTC (19:00 CEST) as telco



Andreas A, Marcus, Mario, Uli, Benedikt



We talked about how to abbreviate the differnt Organisation Assurance related words:

Marcus will updated all Glossary pages in the wiki.


We talked about how to use OTRS for Organisations Assurance.


We talked about different modifications that could be useful for OA and decided to ask for these changes:

OA bootstraping

In our discussion about OA bootstrapping in counties without OA we proposed these statements.

TTP bootstrapping

In an after meeting talk there was a successful discussion between Andreas, Marcus and Uli about procedures how to use the TTPCAP form. The result was a new procedural proposal that influences the process flow, modification to the webdb code and an update on the TTPCAP form.

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