List for Prospective Organisation Assurers



  1. Request by filling completely subscription list with all details and your motivation by candidate CAcert Organisation Assurer (OA)

  2. Candidate to find 2 organisations who would like to become CAcert assured organisations. Organisation Assurance Officer (OAO) assists in finding organisations.
  3. Candidate to find at least one CAcert OA as Mentor / Supervisor. OAO assists in finding a Supervisor.
  4. prospective OA gets added to the OA team, the ticketing system and the mailing list (this probably happens when the first Organisation Assurances is started/running).
  5. Training by Mentor / Supervisor - face-to-face or on-line - on organisation assurance related matters, as:
  6. 2 Organisation Assurances supervised by Mentor / Supervisor
  7. Mentor/Supervisor reports the Organisation Assurances to the OAO.
  8. OAO proposes the Candidate to Board of CAcert Inc. for approval as CAcert Organisation Assurer.
  9. On approval, new Assurer is added to CAcert Organisation Assurer List.

NB OAP 2.2 a.ii says "Be fully trained and tested on all general Assurance processes." This aim should be achieved by the 25 assurances and the supervision of the organisation assurances.

Subscription List

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Inputs & Thoughts

  • 20100128-Mario Lipinski

  • Dear Board,
    as the OA-Officer position actually is not filled this request goes to you.
    I would like to start the process of adding new Organisation Assurers especially for the German and EU region for Andreas Albrecht, Christopher Hoth and Andreas Bäß now. Their applications are attached.
    The procedures require the following:
    1. Request to OrgaAssurance Officer
    2. Approval Board & OrgaAssurance Officer
    3. 2 Supervised Org Assurances
    4. Report to Board & OrgaAssurance Officer
    5. Acceptance and adding as OrgAssurer
    For now I would like to have your acknowledgement for point 1 and 2. I offer to take care of point 3 and 4 then - but any other OA could step in as well.
    I was also wondering what the status of Jonas Stein is. Is he finally an organisation assurer and granted the necessary privileges in the web application? If not, what is missing?

  • 20100115-hugi

  • Text for Web interface:
    Supervised Organisation Assurance #1, Mathieu Simon (sim):
    * All paperwork, research and meetings done or lead by sim
    * Added by hugi (abuerki (at) anidor_dot_com) on behalf of sim (mathieu_dot_simon (at) simweb_dot_ch) as part of his Organisation Assurer education.

  • YYYYMMDD-YourName

  •  Text / Your Statements, thoughts and e-mail snippets, Please


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