Organisation Assurance - Overview


The process for Organisation Assurance is live but under ongoing development.

The simple and secure procedure requires an appropriate applicant (depending on the type of entity and region) to submit a completed CAcert Organisation Assurance Programme Form (COAP form) along with any supporting documentation required by the applicable sub-policy. The organisation also needs at least one person that fulfill the requirements of an CAcert Assurer to be nominated as Organisation Admin (O-Admin).

Then, an Organisation Assurer (or OA) will go through the process. In regions with online registries these will typically be consulted directly. There may be reasonable fees involved (typically only a few $/€/£).

Please complete the Organisation Assurance Form and send it to, either digitally signed or in a digitally signed email (using an assured CAcert certificate).

This area is run by the Organisation Assurance Officer (see Officers).


The COAP Form is available in English and completed samples for the various sub-policies are available.

There is a new HTML-COAP-Form. This is an HTML form and can be used to generate a pdf form output file for printing and/or off line completion of the form.

The older versions of the form are still available from Open Document Text (ODT/PDF) and others.


The guiding document is the Organisation Assurance Policy (POLICY) is itself under the Assurance Policy (POLICY). Policies are managed on the cacert-policy maillist and undergo review from time to time.

Information for (prospective) Organisation Assurers can be found in the Organisation Assurance Manual.


In the Community Report of 20081007, Audit commented on several bugs. These are now collected and listed at PolicyDrafts/OrganisationAssurance. These will need to be cleared up before OA is ready for review.


For each country subsidiary policies are typically developed while handling the first applications. See the Organisation Assurance Manual for information on specific subsidiary policies.


See more at Terms.

Organisation Assurer List

Please see the Organisation Assurers List


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