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The CAcert Organisation Programme (COAP) aims to verify the identity of the organisation.
The Applicant asks the Organisation Assurer to verify to CAcert Community that the information provided by the Applicant is correct, and according to the official trade office registration bodies.
For more information about the CAcert Organisation Assurance Programme, including detailed guides to CAcert Organisation Assurers, please visit:
A CAcert Arbitrator can require the Organisation Assurer to deliver the completed forms and accompanying documents in the event of a dispute.
For the CAcert Individual Assurance Programme there is a separate special CAP form.

Organisation Identity Information
Name of the organisation
Address (comma separated)
Jurisdiction info type state country code
Registered Trade Names
Trade Office info reg. number trade office region
Internet Domain(s)
Organisation Administrator(s)
email phone
email phone
Organisation's Statement
Make sure you have read and agreed with the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA)

email (optional)       phone (optional)
I agree to the CAcert Community Agreement. (CCA)
I hereby confirm that all information is complete and accurate and will notify CAcert of any updates or changes thereof.
I am duly authorised to act on behalf of the organisation, I grant operational certificate administrative privileges to the specified Organisation Administrator and, I request the Organisation Assurer to verify the organisation information according to the Assurance Policies.
Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
(and organisation stamp)

Organisation Assurer's Statement

organisation assurer
email (optional)       phone (optional)
I, the Assurer, hereby confirm that I have verified the official Information for the organisation, I will witness the organisation's identity in the CAcert Organisation Assurance Programme, and complete the Assurance.
I am a CAcert Community Member, have passed the Organisation Assurance Challenge, and have been appointed for Organisation Assurances within the country where the organisation is registered.

Date (yyyy-mm-dd)
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How To Print this CAP form

A printer ready file with the form and attachments can be generated as follows:

2-up portrait 1-up)
A4 A5 Letter paper format

no yes, the CCA is attached to the form.

Applicable Organisation Policy documents and information can be attached to the pdf output file. Mark those documents, which need to be attached:
Organisation Assurance Policy
Organisation Assurance Subpolicy for Australia
Organisation Assurance Subpolicy for Europe
Organisation Assurance Subpolicy for the United States
Submit the form:

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