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Austrians are obligated to carry along a passport or identity card only when abroad.

Government-issued photo identity documents:

Primary Documents


Any peculiarities about austrian passports? Who has one or knows?

Identity Card

In Austria there are two kinds of identity cards, the "Personalausweis" which can replace a passport and an "Identit├Ątsausweis" which only has the function of identifying the owner and does not allow the owner to travel abroad. Both are quite uncommon, at least for Austrians not travelling abroad.

For a description of the "Personalausweis" see, the "Identit├Ątsausweis" is detailed in

Driver's Licence

Since 2006 Austria issues the EC driver's licence, which is considered to be a primary document. For a description see

I don't know if older licences are forgery proof enough to consider them as primary documents.

Secondary Documents

Unacceptable Documents

Students pass

The students pass issued by most universities is trivial to forge. It is made of orange hard-paper. A photo is glued into it, but is not covered by any transparent passport of any sort. Some universities do issue a pass in check-card format, I do not now how easy it is to forge them.

In any case, students-passes are not government-issued and so are not very good documents for identity-verification.

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