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How to delete an Organisation Account?

When the request for deletion of an Organisation Account (OAcc) reaches OA team/Support it need to be clarified if only the last Organisation Administrator (OrgAdmin) leaves the organisation or if the account should be closed completely (aka CCA-termination).

  1. The last OrgAdmin leaves the organisation

    • The OAcc can be left orphaned until a new OrgAdmin is nominated.
      The steps 1-4 needs to be followed.

  2. The Organisation Account shall be deleted
    • All steps need to be followed.

OA part

Removal of last Organisation Administrator

1. The last OrgAdmin is asked to revoke all existing org client and org server certificates

Dear <Username>,

CAcert reached the request that you want to be deleted as Organisation Adminstrator for the organisation <organisation name>. 
Please confirm this request with your primary email address of your CAcert account and sign it with your CARS statement. [1]
As you are the last remaining Organisation Adminsitrator you need to do some actions before you can be removed from the organisation account.
Please revoke ALL organisation client certificates and ALL organisation server certificates.

Please reply to this mail when you revoked organisation certifictes.

After a retention time of three months you will be removed as Organisation Administrator from the organisation acccount of <organisation name>. This retention time is given by arbitration ruling. [2]

[1] http://wiki.cacert.org/CARS
[2] http://wiki.cacert.org/Arbitrations/Training/Lesson20#CCATermCalc


2. OA asks Support to verify that all organisation certificates are revoked

Hi support,

in the course of a the removal of a last Organisation Admistrator from the organisation account of <organisation name> coming from the ticket <Ticket No> I need your help.
Please give me the information about the organisation client and server certificates visible in the account of <Username>, <Primary email address>.


3. OA informs Organisation Adminsitrator and Organisation account contact about the retention time

Dear <usernames>,

the removal of <username> as Organisation Administrator for the organisation account of <organisation name> will be done after the <yyyy-mm-dd> which is 3 month after the last exipring date of any organisation certifictaes.


4. After the retention time OA removes the OrgAdmin from the account and informs the OrgAdmin and the account contact.

Dear <usernames>,

you have been removed as Organisation Administrator for the organisation account of <organisation name>.


Removal of Organisation Account

5. After the retention time an OA removes the domains from the organisation account.

6. OA deletes the Organisation Account and informs the account contact about the last step of the removal

Dear <usernames>,

the organisation account of <organisation name> is now finaly removed.


7. OA adds the ticket number to the precedent case aXXXX to record the deletion of the account.

Support part


here is the requested information about the organisation certificate status in the account of <Username>, <Primary email address>:

Cert Type:      Total   Valid   Expired Revoked         Latest Expire
Org Server:     x       x       x       yyyy-mm-dd      yyyy-mm-dd
Org Client:     y       y       y       yyyy-mm-dd      yyyy-mm-dd



Hints / Ideas

What is visible in the cerificates overview of an OrgAdmin if the OrgAdmin is nominated as OrgAdmin for 2 organisations?

Suggestion: Create a view about the certificate status for the organisation account visible for all OrgAdmin and OA (INOPIAE 2012-05-04)

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