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This is a discussion page for CAcert's Mission. The Mission itself may be recorded on the Mission Page without any discussion.

It was recognised around 2007 that the Mission was not clear for all, and there were competing versions. Although we have a good sense of Community, sometimes we do find ourselves competing in the basis of different views of the mission.

Feel free to add your thoughts as new or responses to prior thoughts.

2007 Mission Project

The board of 2007 pencilled in a target of updating the Mission. Some work was done, and is now recorded as this below list of alternatives on the Mission Page. The project collected these together:

Mission and/or Vision of the CAcert Community

Our mission and/or Vision is:

OK, that's several views of the mission ... it is a future project to choose a long term sustainable mission!

Note that they were originally recorded in the Principles document.

Peter's questions

Peter writes: Question goes back to: what is the mission of CAcert?


Early History

This below text was from an early version of the website, 20021122. It is recorded here for historical purposes.

About the CA Cert Project

CA Cert was started as an integrated part of the NodeDB.com project, where server encryption and client authentication was implemented as a means of reducing personal information leaks, as people more than likely were connecting via wireless devices, which in most cases are more then easily sniffed.

Due to the growing popularity of using this method for Authentication, and the sky rocketing prices on signed certificate services, and a growing concern about existing Certificate Authoritites (CA) starting to charge excessively, and increasing on a yearly basis. This is hopefully where the CA Cert project can come in and offer an alternative, where in most cases things will be automated and free, except in the situations such as server certificate signing, and other services that we feel require proof of ownership. These services may incur a cost recovery charge, this will cover the cost to have a real person ensure you are who you say you are, and you have the right to assert your ownership of that domain.

All certificates issued will not have strength restrictions on them, such as paying extra for 128bit strong certificates.

You can save yourself on the cost of wildcard certificates as well, once you verify a domain, you can create as many host certificates as you like, it won't ever cost you a cent for the additional certificates.

As well as the above text, the logo included a statement "BECAUSE PRIVACY IS YOUR RIGHT" all in Caps.



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