Marketing Officer

With more and more people using x509 certificates, it is very important for CAcert’s message, product offerings, and it’s Web-Of-Trust (WoT) to be clearly understood and properly positioned in the certificate authority (CA) product domain. The marketing officer plays a key role in these areas.

Job Description

The CAcert’s Marketing Officer will be a key contributor to the CAcert management teams marketing efforts. Primary responsibilities include: marketing planning, messaging development, market research, competitive and market analysis, and positioning; conducting research on market and user needs, trends, competitors, and target segments; developing a deep understanding of the certificate authority (CA) product domain, market trends, user pain points, competitive landscape, and key business drivers in collaboration with product management; crafting messaging for collateral, presentations, white papers, website, web seminars, trade shows, and other events; and assisting in PR and analyst relations activities as a product evangelist and spokesperson.

Typical work activities

Position Requirements


The most important project of the Marketing Officer is the CAcert Marketing Plan presented to the Board and Association Membership at the AGM.

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