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CAcert with Mailvelope

Here you will find descriptions, step-by-step instructions and manuals on how to use CAcert with Mailvelope.

Short overview

Mailvelope works with OpenPGP. Therefore our X.509 certificates cannot be imported into Mailvelope.

Also the other way round it does not work directly: A key created with Mailvelope cannot be signed by CAcert, because the CAcert software does not allow comments in the UID, because these cannot be verified. See also here.

Use CAcert with Mailvelope

* Solution 1a: Generate private OpenPGP outside of mailvelope. (e.g. gpg --gen-key Source)

* Solution 1b: Generate private OpenPGP outside of Mailvelope (e.g. with Thunderbird), then export and import at CAcert to sign and use at Mailvelope.

* Solution 2: In Mailvelope make sure that no comment is given during creation.

Source: MM/15

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