Steve Gibson GRC 's Ultra High Security Password Generator (Feb 2007 - Aug 2007)

This is a test of the very good and useful GRC password generator


Despite Steve Gibson's MS oriented style, I am a big fan. I am advising people to use SG generator for passwords. Am I right ? or not ? Let me test Steve Gibson RNG.

Talk with Steve :)

We had a short talk with Steve who kindly replied. We told him we had small concerns with GRC "perfect" passwords. We asked him to provide us a 16 MB of random data from his random source in order to remove the transformations we make on data from the website, the transformation can deplete the entropy.

GRC password site Updated (Aug 2007)

As kindly promised by Mr Steve Gibson, he has provided us 16 MB of random data from a replacement "Rijndael-based" algo. Philipp's passed the data through the die hard test page (see Rijndael-based PRNG,Steve Gibson at

As a result, the quality of randomness provided seems definitely good. So I'll continue to take advantage of the very useful

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former test method

We lauch several tests with the following scripts.

here is the script to fetch the data from the website

The datas collected are in Hexa or base64 format.

here is the java convertor to transform lines from the previous script to a format compatible with Sourcerer RNG tester : raw binary data.

Here are the first results.


GuillaumeRomagny - Thanks to Steve Gibson & Philipp ( kind support.