CAcert Community Project

Funding projects

Current: Non-Critical Infrastructure Separation

Funding of new host machine

For a new non-critical infrastructure server 2000 EUR are needed.

The new server is needed in the cause of the audit preparation. The aim is to separate physically and dislocate the CAcert critical systems (e.g. WebDB) from the CAcert non-critical systems (e.g. wiki, blog). So far we have our server at one location.

Status of fund raising

Monthly non-critical infrastructure hosting costs

For the hosting of the non-critical server an amount of monthly 50 EUR is needed. We would be glad if we can find sponsors who donate a small amount 5 - 10 EUR on a monthly basis.

Recent funding projects

CeBIT 2012 Booth

We managed to gather the amount of 500 EUR that is needed a booth at CeBIT 2012

Gold Sponsor

Ulrich Schroeter

Silver Sponsor

dirk astrath

Marcus M.
Michael T.
Martin G.

General information

If you want more information see:

Ideas and thoughts

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