CAcert partners with local non-profit Foundations (see bottom for definition). A Foundations can provide local support to events, and more clearly handle donations and other revenues.

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Oophaga Foundation -- The Netherlands -- Foundation is now defunct

The Stichting Oophaga Foundation was a Dutch organisation formed for the purpose of providing hosting support for free certificate provision projects as services and servers. Oophaga was supported by non-profits NLnet foundation, HCC, St. IAE and NLUUG. The foundation also had commercial supporters; BIT (high end ISP) & Tunix Internet Security services, and some major hardware suppliers such as SUN, AMD, Cisco, Net Apps, etc.

Oophaga Foundation also represents the CAcert Dutch Community.

secure-u -- Germany

secure-u is the e.V (Association) in Germany, founded 15.12.2007 in Hamburg.

Its role includes to handle CeBIT, LinuxTag and CCC events and other Community projects.

By end of 2010 secure-u decided to support CAcert ATE's in Germany.

seucre-u is formed and registered (2008-01-22), and is now filed with Hamburg tax office for approval as a tax-free entity (dated 2008-04-07).

Call for action: German resident members required to help! Help your GermanCommunity to show the Dutch how it's done...

This project was originally named Balimbing. Austria

Sonance Verein in Austria currently provides some technical/administration support in providing hosting under FunkFeuer. As it is an art community, not a techie community, it currently provides no support to the other aspects of the CAcert community.

CAcert Incorporated

CAcert Incorporated is an Association formed under NSW, Australia law. Its primary purpose is (informally) to hold the intellectual property, oversee the development of the community, and develop the business of the CA. More here

In the above, the term Foundation is used inclusively to cover a wide variety of structures: Associations, (Dutch) Stichtungs, (German) Vereins, non-profits, etc. As the legal structures differ dramatically from one country to another, it is hard to come up with a good term.