FAQ: How the Domain Dispute Works

In the logged-in state under www.cacert.org there is the option to dispute a domain from another account. This procedure is an automated procedure without interaction of Support-Engineers and Arbitrators.

The Procedure In Detail


  1. You have an account#1 with email#1 and domain#1., both confirmed.
  2. You have created an account#2 with email#2, confirmed.

The Procedure

  1. Login to account#2 under www.cacert.org and start from the menu a domain dispute for domain#1
  2. A selection box appears to select the address where the dispute confirmation email will be sent to (this info collected from the whois and/or the 5 default alias email addresses) (see also How the Ping Test Works)

  3. The selected recipient receives the domain dispute email with an URL.
  4. Click or copy & paste the link to a browser

  5. A page appears asking you to
    1. confirm the domain dispute request

    2. reject the domain dispute request

    3. report abuse the domain dispute request

      • for a.) the domain is removed from account#1
      • for b.) the domain is still kept under account#1
      • for c.) the domain is still kept under account#1 and additional a report is sent to Support
  6. Login to account#2 under www.cacert.org
  7. Start over with the process: Add domain and add the previous domain removed from account#1


tested 2012-01-23 under CAcert Testserver

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