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Common Questions About CAcert

Everything that has nothing to do with Assurance, Points, and real technical stuff is collected in this FAQ.

What is the Net Cafe Login ?

On the CAcert.org Website you can Login with an existing Account whether from home or another Trustworthy PC or sometimes from an Internet Terminal or somewhere else. For those places you could not trust is the Net Cafe Login. Things like Password Savings, remembering of written Text in Fields and so on are disabled for Security Reasons.

I have problems with the Registration Process / I Can't sign up

I get the following error message when I join. What can I do?

Q. I get the following error message when I join. What can I do?

Email Address given was invalid, or a test connection couldn't be made to your server, or the server rejected the email address as invalid 450 : Recipient address rejected: Greylisted, see http://isg.ee.ethz.ch/tools/postgrey/help/life.de.html

Warning! This site requires cookies to be enabled to ensure your privacy and security. This site uses session cookies to store temporary values to prevent people from copying and pasting the session ID to someone else exposing their account, personal details and identity theft as a result.

In light of the number of people having issues with making up a password we have the following suggestions:

To get a password that will work, we suggest the following example: Fr3d Sm|7h

This wouldn't match your name or email at all, it contains at least 1 lower case letter, 1 upper case letter, a number, white space and a misc symbol. You get additional security for being over 15 characters and a second additional point for having it over 30. The system starts reducing security if you include any section of your name, or password or email address or if it matches a word from the english dictionary...

A. This is greylisting on your own server (or whoever owns <Domainname>.com). You simply have to wait until the greylisting expires (usually some minutes), and then try again, then it should work. You might want to ask the people behind <Domainname>.com what the time is you have to wait.

Old account with a no longer valid email


I have an old account with an email that is no longer valid that I'd like to close. Could you please provide instructions?


First add your new email address in the account with
Emails -> Add -> ...
Then have your new email address verified.
Then go to Emails -> View , select your new email address and select "Make
default email address".
From now on you have to login with the the email address as username, and the
usual password.
Afterwards you can delete the old email address in your account.

Please change something on CAcert.org

If your're missing a feature, found a type or have other suggestions are more than welcome. Please have a look at the ContentReviewTeam page - maybe someone else had the same problem before. If not, you can file a new case there. This page is currently the bugtracking system for CAcert.org ...

My city/town/suburb/... is not in the list of Web of Trust locations

This list was taken from a kind of official list of cities, countries, etc. Some users report missing cities but currently there is no "add my city" function. As a workaround it's recommended to pick a bigger city close to the missing one.

There is an open bugreport for missing cities and you might want to add yours to that list. See ContentReviewTeam/case0030

I want to list my name in multiple Web of Trust locations

Currently there is no such function. See ContentReviewTeam/case0024 for the corresponding feature request.

Do you have any graphics I can stick on my webpage?

Sure we have. For a secured by CAcert-logo have a look at

For I'm a CAcert Assurer-logos see

There used to be a secured by CAcert service that gave your visitors a 'checked this site' button, but this functionality has been disabled (2004-10-29, no ETA on its return).

<script src="https://www.cacert.org/cgi-bin/siteseal.cgi?cert=2" type="text/javascript"></script>

Are CAcert digital signatures legally binding?

If you live in the U.S. then Digital Signatures can be used in legally binding agreements (President Clinton signed S761, "The Millennium Digital Commerce Act", June 30,2000). As with any contract, *BOTH* sides must agree to its provisions, including enforceability of digital signatures.

IANAL - see http://www.techlawjournal.com/cong106/digsig/Default.htm for more information on applicability of digital signatures to U.S. law.

Please seek qualified legal counsel for a thorough determination of applicability. With the law, an ounce of prevention can be well worth the time and money!

How can I Applying for a CAcert Membership or Donating to CAcert

I'm under 18 years old. Can I participate and also assure other people?

Sure, CAcert has no Age Restriction. Also you can assure other people in principle. Assurers under 18 years only can allocate up to 10 points.

In principle, yes.

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