How to add a new e-Mail address


I try to add a new e-mail address to my cacart account in the web interface, but i get the following error:

Die angegebene E-Mail-Adresse war ungültig oder eine Test-Verbindung zu Ihrem Server konnte nicht aufgebaut werden oder Ihr Server hat Ihre E-Mail-Adresse als ungültig abgewiesen. Konnte keine Verbindung zum Mailserver herstellen.

which is german for

The given E-Mail address was not valid or a test connection to your server could not be established or your email address was rejected by the Server.

The problem is not a temporary one and it is present for all addresses of the same domain.

This is what i have already checked:

The Mailserver runs postfix.


1 Domain entry

I had exactly the same problem! The MX record pointed to the name of my domain After I changed the entry to the domain of my provider, everything worked!

This is because the provider's mail server stores the provider's SSL certificate with his server name. This is of course only valid for the provider's server name. Therefore the connection is rejected by CAcert.

If you retrieve your mails with a client via SSL, you will probably have the same problem unless you accept the certificate. as an exception.

2 TLS 1.2

A patch has been installed which should fix problems with mail servers that only accept TLS 1.2. If you tried it again right away, it might already work.

3 Greylisting

Another possible source of error is if your mail server uses greylisting. Then CAcert will get the feedback at the first attempt that you should try again later. If you try this again a little later (typically 10-15 minutes, but not several days), it will work.


The Problem is solved, thanks to all for your help, which pointed me into the right direction:

I did two things which solved the problem:

  1. I corrected an error in our postfix config: While HELO-Name was correct and matched the dns-name, the postfix-variabel "myhostname" did not match the dns name.
  2. I installed a valid lets-encrypt cert into postfix.

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