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An assurance evevent at Chemnitz in 2010

Your own CAcert Assurer Training or CAcert Assurance Event in your town

You would like to join an Event or an Assurer Training in your town or in your region?

You cannot find an Event or an Assurer Training near you on Events Timetable?

Just make CAcert comming in your town!

The easy way

Look for an other event, f.eg. a Linux User Event, a neighbourhood party, etc. and ask for a table for CAcert. Then log in in your CAcert account at https://www.cacert.org and go to this page: https://www.cacert.org/wot.php?id=1 to contact assurers around you to join. Publish your Event on wiki.cacert.org

The professional way

Look for a place and assurers (see the easy way). Look for people joining. Publish your Event on wiki.cacert.org

You find some helpfull information to organise an event near you on EventOrganisation-checkliste and on EventOrganiser.


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