Assurer Training Events (ATE) preparations


In case of any questions contact the Event Organisation Officer.

Pre Event Planning

Find a location

Best practice is to find a location that is expandable, means ...

Keep in mind, if you're planning a meeting at a company building you have to plan also catering services.

Get response from the attendees

... by insert a link button "I will attend" to the invitation by mail, by blog, by wiki

<a href=";body=I%20will%20attend%20ATE-Flensburg">I will attend to the ATE-Flensburg!</a> (Blog)



Use one of the template pages

for the ATE planning as a starting source.


Write a blog article with the information about the event.

Use as a template.


Prepare a mailing by using

as a template and sent it to the Event Organisation Officer. Don't use any Umlaut or special chars (i.e. = ), otherwise you've get garbage results. The mailing can be triggered within about 24 to 48 hours.

The last few days before the Event

Prepare attendees lists:

Print a Program / Agenda incl. weblinks that will be used in the presentations.


The presentations are a bundle of short reports and presentations (5-10 min. each) about different parts of the CAcert changes in the background related by the audit with examples from the practice.

Download the last actual presentions that can be found in the SVN

Older versions are under

and make yourself familiar with the presentations. Find addtl. speakers (3 speakers is a good option between breaking-up and continuously presentation). Bundle the presentations in to 3 blocks. i.e.

The presentations are short calculated for 60 min. (w/o questions). If you'll allow questions, you have to plan 90-120 min. for the presentations.

At the Event




After the Event

As Event Organiser you have to write an Event Report (this is mandatory since end of 2008). There are 3 parts you have to consider

Send the report to the Event Organisation Officer. He will forward the report to the Boards list and other related recipients.