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Email Account Policy for CAcert Community and organisation

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email support types

There are two types of CAcert email support in the CAcert organisation: email accounts and email distribution:

Email Accounts

Email Distribution

Emails sent to and from CAcert are subjected to spam filtering (eg Spam Assassin), virus filtering, contact (peer) point access filtering (eg Greylisting). CAcert does not warrant these filterings.

Email Accounts

Accounts such as: format of accounts are only available to those who are mentioned for a certain responsibility/task (Office) on the CAcert organisation chart or are CAcert Community Members that have a certain task/responsibility within the CAcert Community.

The email account or address is only maintained and available for a CAcert Office (xyz is the name of the Office) or individual as long as the person has a CAcert responsibility/task within an Office within the CAcert organisation (eg the CAcert is mentioning the individual).

There is a preference to use the Office name as account name as individuals will be in charge for a limited period of time and one can separate different tasks more easily.

Emails with the sender of an email address originating from "" domain will be seen as a CAcert "official" by the internet user.

One has to apply for this email account address. The email address should have full name of the person and a short reference to the Office. CAcert association board decides on an application (one has to request the email account).

CAcert association board decides on an application (one has to apply for it and provide arguments). The CAcert board will be very conservative on the decision.

Alias lists

Alias lists have the following format .

Examples of these lists are CAcert email lists, e.g.: , , , .

For historical reasons some lists (or alias addresses) will exist as eg , but are essentially an alias to some name of a alias list in

Posts made to CAcert email lists, etc., are contribitions for community use, as described in the CAcert Community Agreement (CCA) contribution paragraph.

Currently CAcert uses GNU mailman for the lists (which is implemented as archiving system, email list management via web interface and an alias with list members). The lists are sometimes moderated and are not free to join (eg which is for CAcert Community Members only). One has to subscribe to the list. The email are archived and might not be protected to search engines. The current email lists ( are listed here.

Proposals for initiation of an email list should be addressed to Management-Sub-Commitee (M-SC). The board routinely delegates M-SC to handle decisions on email.

Postbox address and access requirements

There is a imaps/pops/webmail associated with the email account from which account email sent to the address in the domain can be picked up.

It is a policy that if the user uses as sender address to send the email via the Mail Transport Agent (MTA) of CAcert. Sender address should state the full name of the person and responsibility, so recipient is made aware of Office and/or the title of the sender (eg. John Nickel PR < , Judy Valentine M-SC < >, Peter Pathston EDU < >, ...).

Some internal email account management policies:

The email system administrator(s) of CAcert will do the administration and maintenance of the email addresses. Technologies in use and actions taken will be done by these system administrator under responsibility of the CAcert board. Open Source email tools will be used. Access will be protected by CAcert certificates as much as possible. For email access there is configuration help available (need to be updated due to this policy. More on email handling one is referred to: here (need to be updated due to this policy).

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