Plan A:

  1. offer a logo for 6 months, 50 per month.

Plan B:

  1. fix the number of logos on offer, e.g., 3.
  2. Each logo is offered for 1 month, only.
  3. Each logo is bid for in open bidding process.
  4. I'll bid 1 euro.
  5. Someone more serious than me will bid 2 euros.
  6. Someone even more serious will go 4 euros.
  7. And so on until we reach a winning bid :-)

For extra points:

  1. Use a Vickrey Auction: price paid by winner is the 2nd highest bid.
  2. Minimum price is 10 euros, below which it isn't worth doing the work. If not reached, the logo is "passed in" to use the lingo. This can be established later on when we've reached a price.
  3. Only CAcert members can bid!
  4. Bids by email to the Treasurer, with CARS down the bottom.
  5. need to establish a fast way to upload the logos ... :( don't want to short change people of their month.

    • We can store the logos in the wiki as attachments on a special page, and have the main website refer to them. ACLs on the wiki can be controlled easily.

From Board Meeting 2011-08-07

From Software-Assessment project team meeting 2011-08-09

Series A

Series B

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