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Affiliate program

CAcert is taking part in some affiliate programs.

At present the following programs are used:

CAcert is considering in taking part in the following programs:

How does an affiliate program work?

The affiliate partner is giving a special web link to CAcert.
This link is placed on some CAcert web pages.
If now a person uses this link to start the affiliate partners web space and creates sales volume with the affiliate partner CAcert gets a share of the provision.
The costs for you stays the same but you support CAcert.

What can you do?

If you want to support CAcert think about if you want to use a service that is provided by CAcert affiliate partners to start from the CAcert pages.
If you need accommodation on trips why not order your hotels via booking.com. You do not pay more but you will support CAcert. Just have a look event pages.

Inputs & Thoughts

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