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CAcert T-Shirts

Since 2005 there are a number of pretty CAcert t-shirts available. They are sold by kernelconcepts.de. Prices are set from 12,50 EUR (for a simple shirt) up to 20 EUR for a polo shirt.

For pictures of all available shirts see http://www.luggg.de/Linuxtag2006/cacert/cacertshirts.htm (German).
Also online is the CACert-Shop at Spreadshirt: http://cacertshop.spreadshirt.de/



How to order

Shirts are sold by kernelconcepts.de and so if you have any questions about the shirts, prices, shipping, etc. ask them.

There was a SPECIAL-OFFER for people ordering using a signed e-mail (signed with a valid CAcert certificate with your name in it!). You may want to ask if this still applies.

How to pay

What about SpreadShirt.net / SpreadShirt.com?

A while ago I found Spreadshirt, a company that sells clothing customized by affiliates. You can enroll as affiliate, then upload motives, design products with these motives. The provide you with a shop in which you can place the products you designed. If someone orders, your product is created (built-to-order) and shipped to the customer (or you, if you appear as customer).

There are no fixed costs, the company lives from the prices of the basic products you customize. The products you create are available worldwide. The selection of available products is good, and the prices are more or less reasonable given the service they provide.

Prices for products should be roughly comparable to the existing offer.

See http://cacertshop.spreadshirt.de/

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