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    * Can I get a [Sub-Root] certificate issued?     * Can I get a SubRoot certificate issued?

CAcert "Unofficial" FAQ Wiki

These pages are user-maintained Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) concerning the use of the FREE digital certificates you received from [http://www.cacert.org CAcert].

Main documents


Policy Drafts

  • PolicyDrafts - is a section dedicated to the drafting of policies required under a CA audit.

Common Questions

  • If I'm a ThawteNotary can I transfer my points to CAcert?

  • ["My city/town/suburb/whatever seems to be missing from the list of locations"]
  • Can I get a SubRoot certificate issued?

Notes for Newbies (or, How do I use this thing?)

WikiNewbie - A Wiki Newbie? Don't worry! Go here to learn how you can contribute to this wiki!

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