How to boost CAcert in your town, your region or your country?

1st: Create a local community

You have 100 assurance points (and maybe some experience points), so, why is it important to create a local community? Other wants also to get assured, if possible without traveling far away. That is the reason, why in each town should be a community of at least 10 assurers… and if in your country are just a few, then it is better to have 20 or 30 in your town, because it is not only the community of your town, but also of your province or even the country!

A Mailing list

-> The mailing list is probably the easiest way to communicate, help and get in touch with others.

B Wiki localisation

2nd: Assuring parties, conferences, education, events, …

Where to get new people for CAcert

Well, you can just wait, someone send en e-mail to you and ask for an assurance. But for strengthen the community, it is proposed to look for some new people until there are at least 20 assurers in your town and at least 100 in your province. You may look

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