Meeting convened Saturday June 30, 2007, 21:08 UTC.

Present via IRC: Rob Cruikshank, Evaldo Gardenali, Greg Rose.


1. Update on Office of Fair Trading search and why they can't provide board member names (only public officer name).

2. Action to be taken to get SGM minutes accepted by Ian and ready for delivery to bank as proof of existence of new board.

3. Discussion around requirement for sole signatory and what we should do to establish a secondary signatory as soon as possible.

4. Approve mailing expenses for auditor.

Motion 20070630.1: approve reasonable expenses for Ian [auditor] to expedite bank forms. Passed unanimously.

Discussion about contacting Duane. He is in Australia at the moment. Greg agreed to try to contact him next week; some discussion about not hassling him too much. [Added while composing minutes: Greg was sick, didn't try. Philipp Guhring did talk to him and got control of domain names.]

Discussion about moving the bank account to something a bit more accessible worldwide. Suggested HSBC as a future possibility; there are branches close to all of us. Agreed that Greg will get added as a signatory on the current account when next in Australia (expected November).

Motion 20070630.2: To allow Robert Cruikshank full access to CAcert accounts, as sole signatory. Passed unanimously.

Agreed that someone should send a message to the membership announcing that the board is up and running. No-one took the action specifically. Evaldo wants permission to ask the membership to update contact details. Agreed without formal vote.

Meeting closed 21:34Z.


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