Assurer Groups

Below is a list of groups that if you are driving past you can shoot an email off and try and organise a meetup to get yourself fully assured etc. State University/State College, Pennsylvania (US)

There is a members-only-post list for posting announcements of where/when people will be in the University Park/State College area for doing CAcert assurances. If you want points or want to advance as a notary by giving assurances, here's the place to find others.

To subscribe, send an email from your preferred address with an arbitrary subject and body to:

There are lots of CAcert assurers right in the middle of Pennsylvania within minutes of Interstate 80. That won't mean much to the rest of the world but a lot of people in the US go right by here on their way to or from the East Coast. They can stop for lunch, get their points and get back on the road to wherever they are going. Just post when they'll be here and how many points they need to the mailing list.

Germany, Berlin University of Technology (TU Berlin)

We are a group of four assurers at the TU Berlin, and we can give you up to 100 points at the moment. We are having a regular meeting every friday at 01:00 p.m., but you can also contact us for other dates. For more information and our contact address, please visit our webpage:

Germany, University of Bielefeld (Faculty of Law)

Contact Marcus Schopen, Room U8-146, Phone +49 521 106-3913, . You are welcome to meet me at my office, but please contact me by phone or email to fix a date.

Germany, Bremen / Linux User Group Bremen

For assurances, ad hoc keysigning and talks about projects, security, usability, it-political themes and many more the LUG-Members are meeting monthly on every third Sunday. See and for details.

Germany, Darmstadt University of Applied Scienes (FH Darmstadt - h_da)

Please see

Germany, Darmstadt University of Technology (TU Darmstadt) / Chaostreff Darmstadt

We are a group of assurers at the Chaostreff Darmstadt and give mostly up to 100 points. We are having a regular meeting every tuesday at 08:00 p.m., but you can also contact us for other dates. For more information, please visit our webpage: or mail to

Germany, Dresden (CAcert4Dresden)

Please see

Germany, University of Tübingen

Contact us to meet with three or four people to get your assurance done (and your PGP key signed). If you're in the area (e.g. Stuttgart) it's not far to Tübingen anymore. Just send a message to fsi at

Germany, Munich : OpenSource Treffen

Several assurer are attending monthly OpenSource Treffen (=Open Source Meeting), last friday of month, starting 18:00. Meeting takes place @ Café Netzwerk, Luisenstraße 11 in München Maxvorstadt (north of main train station)

Germany, Munich south-east : LUG Ottobrunn

bi-weekly meeting with several assurers (35 trust points). Refer to for meeting calendar and send an email to webmaster so he can make sure the assurers are present !

Central Ohio Linux User Group/Columbus, Ohio (US)

We conduct monthly assurer sessions at our meetings - see: and additionally we will convene an ad hoc lunch hour session as needed as outlined there.

We have a nucleus of over a dozen assurers in the Columbus Ohio area (state capital, about 4 hours west of the PSU chapter), and welcome drop-ins. For more details or further specific scheduling, call RussHerrold at the contact information at website:

Netherlands, Stack (Eindhoven University of Technology, TUE)

The computerassociation Stack has about 10 assuring members (getting 3 or 4 should together be easy). We hold regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month at 5-8pm. But you can drop by at any time and make an appointment. For more information and contact details, visit our webpage at

New Zealand, Wellington (Catalyst IT)

Our company employs a number of assurers who should be able to bring you up to 100 points. You can visit our Wellington office during business hours but you may want to email us first.

Switzerland (de_CH)

Not a formal assurer group, but there is a mailing list which can be used to announce or ask for CAcert assurances (and PGP keysignings) in or around Switzerland (mostly in the German speaking part). Subscribe at

Poland, Szczecin, West Pomeranian University of Technology (Faculty of Computer Science)

CAcert Assurers Group on Faculty of Computer Science at West Pomeranian University of Technology is a group of students, who've chosen gathering people already being CAcert Assurers as its main goal. At the moment members of group are capable to allocate enough points in the WoT initiative for a person to become an Assurer themself. Contact:

UK, Crewe, Cheshire

A family group rather than a formal group - but myself, my wife and my daughter can currently issue up to 80 points between us and (with a bit of notice) can often get another assurer or two to bring the points up to 100. Contact Alex Robertson

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