Assurance Test Taskforce

To guarantee a maximum quality of assurance we want to create a test that everyone has to pass who wants to assure or to join our planed franchising program. The people should be able to pass the test when they read and understood the Assurance Handbook. So please assure yourself that info about your question is included there.

(There are people who doubt, that a test can rise the quality of assurances. For a compilation of different ideas to rise and ensure the quality go to the AssuranceQuality page.)

Here we collect questions to be included. If you are not able to include them in english then do it in your native language and we hope to get an translation later. BTW translaters will be needed when test is finished !!! The goal is to get about 100 multiple choice questions to have 5 different tests with 20 questions each.

Idea: How about a paragraph about the correct answer to be shown to someone who gave a false answer? After all I think the intention of the test is not so much to test someone willing to cheat but to educate the potential assurer

This page is outdated since the "Assurance Test" has now been activated, see AssurerChallenge.

If you have ideas for more questions please mail them to to get them included in the test.

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