You must be paid up according to the rules.

Note that there have been rule changes suggested to change this.

Proxy Voting

A proxy vote can be done via appointing an other member as your proxy for your vote.

The easiest way is to email your signed proxy to the secretary like this one:

Dear Secretary,

I, MEMBER'S NAME of ADDRESS, being a member of CAcert Inc. hereby appoint PROXY'S NAME <PROXY's@EMAIL.ADDRESS> being a member of that incorporated association, as my proxy to vote for me on my behalf at the special general meeting to be held on the 25th day of july 2009 and at any adjournment of that meeting.

My proxy is authorised to vote in any resolution as he considers better for the association and the community.


Modify the above to add your name in (twice), your address, and email & name of your chosen proxy. In the second paragraph, state your preferences.

You may wish to CC the member's list, but this is not required. It will help in the case of lost emails.

Email Voting

Email voting is discouraged because the rules are not clear and subject to challenge. Try and put in a proxy with another member. If you insist on using email voting, read the rules and take your chances!

Voting System

There are discussion points for a future voting application at Association/VotingSystem .


One system used in the last SGM was VoteBot. Here are the instructions:

To vote at the meeting, you will need to play with voteBot. Join the IRC channel #vote. Do this well before and then you can practice. Don't practice during the meeting.

voting on Motions

When the Chair opens a motion, you will see voteBot: Chain opened voting on: SGMs are fun for all the family. voteBot is open for counting. You can type (uppercase or lowercase):

Check what voteBot says to you as you might mistype. When the Chair closes the motion, then voteBot will count and report. Only your last vote is counted.

voting on Names for Elections

When the Chair opens an election for a single seat with Votebot: Chair opened election for: Seat number one you can then type:

Only. That is, type in the First and Last name, no middle names, no extra funny bits (voteBot strips spaces and ignores case.) These names should be taken from the list of nominated members.

Note that this method was not used in the last SGM/SGM20090725.


If you have another member's Proxy, then you also have to vote again for that person like this:

Note (bug!?) the nameOfProxyPerson is one word, no spaces, and the colon must follow it.

Try it out

To talk to voteBot, send it a private message:

Talking to voteBot to instruct an opening of a vote will be disabled in any actual meeting (reserved for the Chair or his assistant).

The Rules

Rules are The Association's "Rules for associations incorporated under the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984" document as cited as "CAcert Rules" in the "Rules" paragraph (para) of the Association's page at CAcertIncorporated. All methods of voting must comply with the Rules.

RP23(6) is Rules para 23(6) which states

"Due to accepting internationally based members, ordinary members, and office bearers, alternate voting methods via the internet, which is sanctioned by the committee will be deemed an acceptable method of voting in addition to any other forms of valid voting methods."

RP33(2) which is Rules para 33(2) regarding voting at general meetings of the association, and states in part

"All votes must be given personally or by proxy, or by methods sanctioned by the Committee over the internet."

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