Before: Arbitrator name arbitrator (A), Respondent: name respondent (R), Claimant: name claimant (C), Case: a20180622.1

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Original Dispute

On 19 June 2018, a problem was found with the handling of umlauts in names
when creating a new account on the test server. A quick test confirmed
that the same problem occurred on the CAcert webdb production server.
After some searching, the problem was identified on 22 June 2018 as an
issue caused by an OS upgrade involving the change of a default in the
PHP5 settings. This was corrected immediately on production and test servers.

See report to cacert-systemlog mailinglist:

and bug report on

We conclude that any new accounts created between 16 April 16 2018
(introduction of new PHP version in CAcert chroot environment on
production server) and 22 June 2018 (implementation of bug fix)
which contained non-latin characters may have been affected by this.
From the data in we estimate that
less than 2500 new accounts were created in this period.

Please investigate this case and declare whether we should investigate
all recently created accounts for anomalies from non-latin characters.

-- wytze





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